Products and services, each of which is a reference in its field



Ø Conveyor Systems

Ø Linear Motion Systems

Ø Drying and Drying Drying and Drying Ovens

Ø Textile Sealing and Packaging Machines

Ø Conceptual Design

Ø CAD Design

Ø Model and Platform Development

Ø System, subsystem and component development

ØComponent and Part Based 3D CAD Modeling

Ø Surface and Mechanical Design

Ø A-Class Surface Modeling

Ø Manufacturing, Assembly, Production Line and Quality Documents

Ø Repair Maintenance and Spare Parts Booklets

Ø Finite Element Analysis and Simulation


Ø Sigma profiles

Ø Fasteners

Ø Conveyor equipment

Ø Bearings

Ø Linear rail and cars

Ø Spindle Driven Systems

Ø Timing Belt Drive Systems

Ø Shaft Drive Systems

Ø Manual Systems

Ø Mounting Accessories