About Us 

 We operate in the field of Machine Design and Manufacturing. With our expertise, we produce customized, comprehensive solutions for our customers in line with their needs. Our vision is to be the determinant of excellence in the machinery manufacturing and design industries. Our vision comes to life by being an institution respected by our customers and business partners. Our mission, due to our reputation, culture and diversity, is to be the leading company in all kinds of design, design verification and prototype manufacturing in the Balkan and Middle Eastern countries, primarily in Mersin region and then in Mersin.

We can provide you with engineering services in the following areas:

Conceptual Design #1- Detailed reports for the solutions you need

System, Subsystem and Part Development #2- 3D CAD designs and drawings

Manufacturing, Assembly, Production Line and Quality Documents #3- Manufacturing sheets, assembly instructions, production line flow sheets, quality control sheets

Engineering Analysis #4- Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational fluid mechanics (CFD) analysis, static and dynamic strength calculations